Visit the Frog Museum in Estavayer-Le-Lac

Have you ever wanted to see a stuffed frog general riding bareback on his taxidermy squirrel stallion? In the Frog Museum, you will find stuffed frogs that are arranged in a variety of scenes. Some of those scenes include a class of frog school children, frogs at a quaint family meal, frogs at the barber shop and a sad amphibian lawyer sitting at his tiny desk. This 150 year old collection includes 108 stuffed frogs.

It all started in 1848 when Francois Perrier, an eccentric guard officer who harbored a love for amphibians, began collecting frogs on his walks across the countryside. The officer would take the frogs home, gut them and fill the sacks of skin with sand, before posing them in quirky dioramas. He arranged stuffed frogs in scenes portraying everyday life in the 19th century.