Visit the Burj Khalifa

Dominating the skyline is a tower that currently holds multiple records for the world’s tallest building at over 2,716 feet with 200 stories. It also has the world’s highest swimming pool located on the 76th floor. This building will give you a whole new perspective of this sprawling desert city. The most impressive statistic is that it only took six years to build and it had a price tag of 1.5 billion dollars. There are several options when it comes to viewing. The least expensive option will take you up to the 125th floor over halfway to the top for a great view of the city. This tour is usually very crowded, especially around sunset.

If you want a more exclusive and luxurious experience, upgrade your ticket to the highest observation deck called “At the Top Sky”. This luxury experience starts in an ornate waiting room where you feel like you have the place all to yourself as you sip tea while you wait. The elevator ride will whisk you up 148 floors in less than 60 seconds. Prepare to have your ears pop as you travel up so high at such a fast speed. Then at the top, you are given hors d’oeuvres to sample as you take in 360 degree views of the city. With soft seating in private alcoves, you can look out over a city that suddenly seems surreal, with the cars so small you can barely see them with your eyes.