Santo’s Winery

You will want to visit this scenic winery and enjoy the spectacular views of the cliffs and the caldera. There are also tours you can take to learn more about what goes into turning grapes into wine. The complex minerals and the high acid content of the soil makes the famous, volcanic wines of Santorini a combination of savory, fresh and earthy. Whether it is a red, white or sparkling wine, your guided tour will give you a greater appreciation for the years of work that goes into each sip. You can also enjoy a delicious Mediterranean or Tapas meal with your tasting. The seating is one of the highlights as they have terraced patios along the cliffs. As your day comes to an end, the sunset views will be spectacular and rival those seen in the skies over Oia. You will find Santo’s winery to be far less crowded and the sunset just as breathtaking.