Salzwelten: The Hallstatt Salt Mine

Salzwelten: The Hallstatt Salt Mine

Before there was Rome...there was Hallstatt, the location of the world’s oldest salt mine. The miners have been actively producing salt at Hallstatt since 5000 B.C.

To reach your destination, you will travel by train to Lake Hallstatt. When you arrive, you’ll be met by a boat that will transport you across a serene, swan-filled lake to Hallstatt, one of the most picturesque, medieval towns in Austria. You will feel like you are stepping into a fairy tale as you make your way to the salt mines.

The salt mines made this area of Austria very wealthy. Facing a problem of how to more efficiently move the salt, the miners created a unique way to transport the valuable salt brine. More than 13,000 trees were hollowed out to make a wooden pipeline to move the brine and the pipeline remained in use for nearly 400 years.

Today’s tour has become a multimedia experience, complete with an educational video and a laser show that lights up the cavern. You’ll wear an orange miner’s outfit as you ride through the mine on a train. One of the highlights will be sliding “miner-style” from one floor to the next floor down a wooden, salt chute. At the end of the tour, you will get a shaker of salt.

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