Ride Gravity Hill

Ride Gravity Hill

Logic says that when you stop on a hill, put your car in neutral, your car will roll forward. Not so on Salt Lake City’s Gravity Hill, located a few blocks north by northeast of Utah’s State Capitol building.

The street on this hill forms an optical illusion because of the way the road sits next to the mountain. It looks like you are going “down” into the canyon but that section is actually going uphill. So, you will think you are rolling up the hill.

Directions to Gravity Hill:
Take North Temple to State Street. Turn onto 2nd Avenue, go up the hill to B Street, turn left, go up the hill to 11th Avenue and go straight to Bonneville Boulevard. You will come to a point where another road leaves the main road and veers uphill to the left. Stay on the main road for a 100 feet, stop your car and put your car in neutral, and you will coast back “uphill”.

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