Polar Bear Plunge on New Year’s Day

For an experience that will wake you up and leave you shivering for more, head to Shoemaker Park Beach on January 1st for the Annual Polar Bear Swim. Dressed in swimming suits and bikinis, hundreds of participants take the plunge for a chance at prizes and glory. The official timekeeper starts the countdown to the big plunge by waving a giant, foam finger that has the Green Bay Packers’ logo on it. When the hand is waived, the people along the shores run into the bone-chilling water and submerge themselves to their shoulders. The air fills with shrieks and screams. You have to stay submerged for 60 seconds. Each second seems like an eternity as your body shivers beneath the waves. Once you see the foam finger waving, you can head back to dry land and a warm blanket. Beginning New Year’s Day with an act of daredevilry is an exhilarating way to get a fresh outlook on the new year.

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