Party at a Las Vegas Club

When the sun sets over the desert, Sin City comes to life. The nightlife in Las Vegas tingles all of the senses. With dozens of clubs to choose from, each has its own appeal. Tao’s bathtub-lined entrance has bubble covered models that will tease you as you enter. The Hakkasan at the MGM, has one of the most over-the-top main dance rooms with decorations and dancers that change nightly.

If you are a guy, find some attractive girls to get in line with because this will greatly reduce the amount of time you have to wait in line. If you are a girl, find wealthy guys to get in line with, this will greatly reduce your drinking costs. On the weekends, the best clubs feature famous guest DJ’s, who keep the tunes flowing as you dance and sweat the night away in clubs frequented by famous celebrities and athletes. Just remember, as you head out for the night… “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.