Paddleboard Yoga in a Cave

Located in a little town called Midway is a volcanic crater that has filled with geothermal water that has been super-heated by lava below the earth’s surface. Connected to the crater is a cave with a 20 foot opening in the ceiling that will let in the sunlight and the moonlight. Inside this cave is a yoga studio known as “the oldest yoga studio in the world”.

Yoga sessions are available seven days a week and you can choose from sessions like Restorative Paddleboard Yoga or even a sunrise or sunset hike or a snowshoe walk followed by a paddleboard yoga session. You don’t need to be an experienced yogi to join. All levels are welcome. The paddleboard yoga session is done on top of a paddleboard as you float on the waters inside of the tranquil, steamy cave. These classes are very private, so you can relax with no more than twelve people in a session.