Nylon Pool and Buccoo Reef

Swim and relax in the ultimate infinity pool. This natural swimming area was created by a sandbar in the middle of the ocean. The silky white sand bank is surrounded by miles of sea and coral reefs. Bring your mask and flippers for hours of amazing snorkeling. If you ride in a glass-bottom boat, you will see exotic reef fish and live coral on the short journey from the shore to the sandbar. Once you arrive, you can jump off the boat and walk around in the waist-deep, crystal clear waters. If you get thirsty, there is a floating bar.
There are many legends that the Nylon Pool has mystical powers. It is rumored that if you swim in its water, you will become ten years younger. One of the most popular beliefs is that if you kiss your true love under the waves of the Nylon Pool, you will be together, forever.