Meet Mr. Claus at Santa Park

Welcome to the number one Christmas destination in the world. Journey to the heart of Santa’s home in an underground cavern that is an indoor theme park. Santa Park is the only place where you can cross the Arctic Circle from under the ground. You will be welcomed by jolly elves as you board the Magic Train and travel through this enchanting and magical world. There is so much to see and do! You can earn a diploma and an elf hat when you discover their secrets and skills from brainy elves at their famous Elf School. As you know, elves love to make things. So, you can even create your very own piece of Christmas art in the Elf Workshop. And, don’t miss the antics of the Acrobat Elves at a show on the main stage. You can even decorate cookies in Mrs. Gingerbread’s cozy kitchen. Best of all, you can meet Santa and whisper your holiday wishes in his ear.