Kimme Museum of Art and Sculpture

In the Bethel district of the island of Tobago, amid the lush greenery of the neighbourhood of Patience Hill, a Cuban sculptor has made his home in a surrealist mansion. Dunieski Lora Pileta, 42, both lives in and manages the Luise Kimme Museum, a space filled with the outsized wooden and bronze works of the late German sculptor. Pileta’s circumstances are unusual, and far more comfortable than many of his compatriots.

He was bequeathed the museum – both its the custodianship and all its contents - by his friend and former collaborator Kimme, who spent years living and working between Tobago, Cuba and Germany where she taught sculpture. She built the museum, known as “the Castle,” to be her workshop in 1979.
On one of her regular trips to Cuba she needed a bronze worker in Santiago de Cuba to assist her on a sculpture. Someone recommended Pileta and the two artists got on well, going on to work together for ten years.