Dig For Gens at the Lampivaara Amethyst Mines

For a truly unique experience, travel to Lampivarra, Europe’s only amethyst mine. Their guided tour will teach you all about the history of amethyst which is full of mystery and superstition. Thousands of years ago, the Greeks loved to party and drink large amounts of alcohol. A prominent part of their culture was the belief that amethyst could help prevent intoxication so it became fashionable to wear amethyst when socializing. Years later, European soldiers would wear amethyst amulets into battle, believing they would heal them and keep the warriors calm during battle.

After your history session, learn about the processes that go into mining them, then head out to search for your very own gem. They have a large, open area where you can dig for your own treasure. If you aren’t lucky enough to find your own, head over to the gift shop to buy one as you leave.