Clay Oven Homemade Bread

Clay Oven Homemade Bread

Only on Thursday’s and Saturday’s, wrapped in banana leafs

Image yourself, on the beach enjoying the warm sun, soft sand between your toes, also the breeze through your hear while staring into the marvelous blue ocean. Then, suddenly a sweet fragrance passes by. You follow your nose, and to your surprise there it is: you are seeing the ladies pulling out loaves of bread, coconut tarts, hops, and much more delicacies!

This bakery doesn’t have a front door or walls. But the most prominent item in this “store” is the round dome-shaped oven. The entire oven is handmade. Layer after layer of mud, or as locals would say: Durt, are being pasted on top of a frame, and gradually the shape becomes clearer and clearer.
This dirt-oven last long, and with good care, you can bake hundreds of loaves of bread and other goodies in it. The technique behind it: the clay absorbs the heat and slowly releases it long after the fire has been put out.

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