Attend Icelandic Elf School

Attend Icelandic Elf School

Learn traditional folklore about Iceland’s “hidden people” from a master storyteller during an Elf School class and a field trip to try and discover their secret homes.

The World’s only Elf School is open all year and offers classes by a master storyteller who gives you a look into the hidden world of the Fae. More than half of the people in Iceland believe that mythical creatures still inhabit their country.

During your class, you will learn about Iceland’s strong cultural ties to gnomes, fairies, trolls and elves. At the end of the day, when there is magic in the air and the barrier between the world of humans and the Hidden Folk is the thinnest, you will head out on a quick field trip to try to discover some of their secret habitats. If you are extremely lucky, you may catch a glimpse of one of these elusive, fairy creatures. When you complete one of the school’s certified programs, you will receive a diploma. If you still want to delve deeper into this world of magic, you can buy the Elf School’s Studybook that gives theories on how these phenomena began.

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