Adrenaline Oasis in Huacachina

Adrenaline Oasis in Huacachina

This is the Peruvian legend of how the Huacachina Oasis was created, as told by a village shaman.

Thousands of years ago, a beautiful Incan princess was walking along the sand dunes, lost in her own thoughts. This princess was pure and loved by the Gods. She had never had a bad thought or spoken a mean word in her life and she was much loved by the Incan people. This day, she was carrying a golden mirror, covered in emeralds and rubys that were arranged like a sunset, given to her by the king on her birthday. She was admiring herself in the mirror as she walked, her perfect voice humming a haunting melody sung to her by her mother.

Suddenly, a fierce hunter from a neighboring kingdom rushed out from behind a sand dune to kidnap her. The princess began to flee and stumbled over her long dress. Down the sand dune she tumbled. Her mirror dropped out of her hand, exploding into shards of glass. As she fell, a large shard pierced her heart, her life force draining out of her and into the sand. The Gods were so sad, their tears formed a small pool in the desert over where she lay. As their tears covered her lifeless body, she was brought back to life in the form of a mermaid. Every night, to honor her, the sun bursts from behind the dunes in a brilliant display of colors and lights up the entire sky. If you look past your reflection in the lake, you may see her smiling up at you and hear her humming the long, forgotten song of the Incan princess.

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