The Land of Milk and Honey

If you want to visit a country that is defined by its charm and class, this small European country is a must see for any traveler. There is so much more to this country than watches, cheeses and chocolates. As you peel back each layer, you will be amazed by what you discover. As one of the world’s wealthiest countries, you will see the national pride of its citizens, reflected in its fresh air, clean water and pristine villages and cities. Switzerland has one of the best environmental records among all the nations in the developed world.

Put on your hiking boots and grab your Swiss walking stick because hiking in the Alps is a must do activity. There are hundreds of picturesque hiking locations to choose from as you travel through the Alps and quaint villages and along some of the bluest mountain lakes in the world. Whether you are experiencing the charm of Zermat or enjoying world class dining in the big city of Geneva, you will realize that you didn’t stay long enough in Switzerland. You will be planning your return trip as soon as you leave its welcoming borders.

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