Greatest Snow On Earth

Utah is named after the Native American tribe called the Utes which means “people of the mountains”. In a state known for its rugged mountain beauty, you can visit anytime of the year and find incredible, outdoor adventures. If you visit in the winter, check out the resorts for some world-class skiing and snowboarding. If you are feeling more adventurous, blaze your own path through hundreds of trails for some unforgettable snowmobiling or search for frozen waterfalls to climb.

Utah really shines in the summer as a nature lover’s paradise with opportunities for camping, backpacking, fishing, hiking and mountain biking. It is also home to the Mighty Five, some of the most pristine and jaw-dropping National Parks in the world. All located within a few hours of each other, you can spend weeks exploring Utah and only see a small portion of what the state has to offer. By the time you leave Utah, you will see why the original inhabitants called themselves the People of the Mountains.