Always Natural

If indulgent pampering is on your travel itinerary, add this destination that is the hallmark of luxury tourism to your Bucket List. Crystal clear turquoise waters surrounded by pristine, white sand beaches offer picturesque views of the most unique land and seascapes in the world. Located on 1,192 coral islands and 26 atolls, nearly all of the resorts are on private islands offering a variety of lavish accommodations at beach villas and over-water bungalows. More than 2000 species of fish live in the coral reefs and there is no shortage of marine life in this tropical paradise.

The Guinness World Records awarded Maldives the record for being the lowest, flattest country in the world. Its highest, natural point is less than eight feet above sea level. It also has the world’s first underwater glass hotel suite where you can enjoy a four day stay at a two story luxury villa 16 feet below the Indian Ocean for only $200,000.


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