Emerald Isle

During the 18th century, Dublin was second only to London in the British Empire. This beautiful country is dotted with castles and cathedrals. Most traces of its Viking past have been lost and forgotten. Recently, the city of Dublin has looked beyond Irish shores for inspiration. Dublin has grown more diverse and has embraced cultures and languages from all across the globe. Socializing and night life is centered around pubs and drinking. Every Dubliner has a favorite pub and won’t hesitate to let you know their opinion. Nightlife will be one of the highlights of your trip to Dublin. You will find multiple pubs on each street and with over 1,000 pubs throughout the city, you will never go without a drinking buddy.


Dublin Castle

This castle is one of the most important buildings in Irish history. From 1204 until 1922, it was the seat of English, and later British rule in Ireland. During that time, it served principally as a ... See more

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Founded in 1191, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the National Cathedral of the Church of Ireland. With its 141 foot spire, St. Patrick’s is the tallest church in Ireland. This holy site has been a place ... See more

Book of Kells at Trinity College

Built between 1712 and 1732, the Long Room at Trinity College’s Old Library holds the collection’s 200,000 oldest books.Its most famous holding is an extraordinary manuscript known as the Book of Kell... See more

Grafton Street

Kiss the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle

In a land of legend and folklore, kissing the Blarney Stone is a tradition that has been around for centuries. The tale is told that once upon a time, a king saved an old woman from drowning. The ol... See more

Take a Day Trip to See The Cliffs of Moher

This is a view that will take your breath away. Extending five miles down the west coast, the cliffs can reach a height of over 702 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. It will seem like you are looking a... See more

Kildare Street Museums and Houses of Parliament

Watch a Hurling Match

This is one of the fastest games on grass and Ireland’s favorite, Gaelic sport. Hurling is played with a ball and sticks by teams of fifteen players. Points are scored when the ball is put over the ... See more

National Gallery of Ireland

Dunmore Cave

This small cavern was first mentioned by a 9th century, Irish poet as “one of the darkest places in Ireland”. But, this cave is most famous as a Viking battle site where more than 1,000 people were m... See more

Walk the Great South Wall

The beauty of walking The Great South Wall all the way out to Poolbeg Lighthouse is that it’s very close to the city center. You could literally not be any more in the middle of Dublin Bay than when ... See more

Kilmainham Gaol

During the Irish Potato Famine that began in 1845, some desperate, hungry people committed crimes so they would be sent to prison where they would be guaranteed something to eat. At times, the prison... See more

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