Mediterranean As It Once Was

This unique country is rapidly becoming a must visit location for the traveler that wants to experience a destination that has yet to be overrun with tourism and is rich with history. The old town of Dubrovnik will make you feel like you have stepped back in time with its towering stone fortresses dotting the skyline. The dramatic coastlines make this a popular sailing destination. Whether you are zipping around in a speedboat for a day excursion or sailing up the coast in a catamaran, you will see a side of Croatia few get to see. Alfred Hitchcok said the seaside towns in this country have the best sunsets on earth.

Croatia has also contributed more discoveries and inventions per capita than any other country in the world. Nikola Tesla, the famous inventor, was born in Croatia. Hundreds of years ago, they invented the pen, the parachute and the cravat which is a strip of fabric that is worn around the neck and tucked inside an open necked shirt worn by men. It is the home of the Dalmatian dog breed. Some of their modern-day inventions include laminated flooring, pay by phone parking payments, the electric speedometer, diazepam and other tranquilizers. One surprising invention was the introduction of the quarantine. When sailors or merchants would arrive in a port town, they would make them stay on a private island for several weeks to prevent the spread of diseases.