Cradle of the Americas

This is one of the happiest countries in the world. The Nicoya Peninsula is a world renowned place to live because it is one of only five Blue Zones in the world. A Blue Zone is a location where the inhabitants enjoy active lives past the age of 100. If you want to visit a country known for its natural beauty and incredible adventures, this tropical paradise really does have it all; from its luscious rainforests, pristine beaches and some of the cutest sloths you have ever seen. You can climb a volcano in the morning, surf in the afternoon and eat at some of the tastiest new restaurants in San Juan in the evening. Costa Rica is fast becoming a foodie hotspot as young, new chefs have been opening restaurants and hip bars featuring local craft beer. You can have a budget friendly week filled with family fun. Or you can stay at a five star hotel while working on your tan or get a luxurious massage on a beach. Costa Rica is so consistently beautiful that even the sun rises and sets at exactly the same time each day.