Country of Poets

This rugged country calls to the adventurous with its aura of remote romance. Wind-whipped Patagonia attracts travelers that want more and have a longing for beauty only seen by a rare few. Untamed fjords wind their way through hardwood forests, past icy glaciers that have carved out emerald lakes. The dramatic mountains ascend into the clouds, their peaks hidden from view and forgotten with time. Some of the most dynamic people in history, like Magellan, Darwin and even Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid have been lured into its lands. The hardest part of visiting Chile is narrowing down what you want to see and do. The country has three, distinct regions; The Lake District, The Southern Coast and Patagonia, an untamed wilderness that exemplifies the majestic spirit of Chile. Pick a region to explore and prepare for a trip of a lifetime.


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