The Holy City

There is a reason this seaside town was ranked the World’s Best City in 2016 by Travel & Leisure Magazine. There aren’t words to describe strolling down King Street in the springtime, the sun warming your back, the smell of the ocean breeze mixing with the scent of magnolia blossoms as you venture out to eat at one of Charleston’s award winning restaurants for lunch.

The architecture is extremely well preserved and each street and building is bursting with history and stories. Its quaint way of life and pastel colors will transport you back in time. The reason you will fall in love with Charleston is the people. With welcoming smiles, the locals are quick to say hello and strike up a conversation and ask about your day. Southern hospitality is alive and well in this city that radiates class and charm. The younger generation may even still respectfully greet you with a sir or ma’am. If you are a visitor, you will feel like you are home. If you grew up here, there is a reason you never left.

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